How creative
is your team?

How creative is your team?

At Boels you can do it all!

How would you convey the message that virtually anything is possible at Boels? Create your own photo and come up with a punchy headline…

Sourcing new colleagues is extremely important for us. And you too can make a contribution. For our new recruitment campaign, we’re trying to pinpoint what makes us – us. No one knows that better than you.

But how would you explain or portray this in an ambigious way? What do you think sets a career at Boels apart and makes virtually anything possible?

Submit your idea and stand a chance of winning a fantastic prize!

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Working at Boels

Do you know exactly how you’d describe working at Boels? Then you can easily submit your personal or team idea.


Enter the title that you’d use to describe what working at Boels is really like


Describe the ideal accompanying photo or add a photo of your own


Enter your details


Click on send

It’s that simple. The best three ideas will be selected from all entries and used in the campaign. As a winner, you get to choose a prize for you and your team. Will your submission make you the team or department hero?

Win a daily cup-a-soup or sweet snack for you and your team for three whole months!

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Working at Boels
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